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Diplomacy is changing.  As never before, practitioners of international relations are using tools of Cultural Relations and Public Diplomacy to engage, exchange with, or exert influence over people abroad.  But often they are working alone.  They lack access to a bank of experience and good practice.  The Playbook seeks to provide the mechanism to fill meet that need and help their practice.  It provides a way for practitioners around the world to share their experience in the range methods of engagement, and allows individual and perhaps isolated organisations to benefit from the collective experience of the whole community of organisations in the field. The Playbook is a coordination point for the sharing of these experiences and launch pad for future programmes based on that experience.

As well as transforming diplomacy, the practice of public diplomacy is also itself changing.  Major public diplomacy organizations now emphasise working in partnership and taking collective action.  This trend – accelerated by the economic climate – has deepened the need to share experiences and learn more about one another’s work.  Equally, it demonstrates the benefit which can be gained from the use of a common language through which initiatives can be developed.  Overcoming barriers to understanding is the focus of many Cultural Relations and Public Diplomacy initiatives; The Playbook likewise creates a means to removing such barriers within the practice of Public Diplomacy.

The Playbook is based on contributions from an international network of practitioners and scholars. This large scale project has been initiated to collate experience in cultural relations and public diplomacy practice from around the world. It draws together past and present experience, and recognises the importance of recording programmes that were both successful and unsuccessful. The Playbook provides examples upon which practitioners can draw in designing programmes for the future and is a major resource for education about the discipline.

The Playbook is a mechanism to develop capacity at home and empower voices abroad.

Welcome to The Playbook.

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