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Imediate insight training

May 22, 2009

Project Description:

imediate insight facilitates unique (and necessary) insight into hard to reach policy areas – eg counter extremism and geographical areas – eg Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Learning Point:

Participants learn that insight is vital part of taking a strategic approach to communicating.



Full case study: imediate insight training


Low Carbon Economcy – Michigan

May 22, 2009

Project Description:

Put a focus on the Danish Example, how to reduce carbon and create green jobs, in the State of Michigan

Learning Point:

Collaboration with decision makers and influencers on several levels and with different interests can take your message further then if only communicating with the ones who agrees with you or those in the highest level.


Danish Foreign Ministry

Full case study: Low Carbon Economy Michigan

Forgotten voices listening exercise – UK

February 24, 2009


Project Description:

To conduct an in-depth survey of the attitudes of young British Muslims, to provide a greater platform for their voices and greater understanding of these communities with which the UK Government had sought to engage.

Learning Point:

Listening provides a means to develop greater understanding of a community, it provides a means through which to empower that community, and through framing the terms of engagement through listening it allows the engagement to be on terms defined by the community, rather than the international actor.


Forward Thinking

Full case study Forgotten Voices Listening Exercise

Intercultural Dialogue in Africa

February 23, 2009

Project Description

To build greater trust and understanding between UK society and Muslim communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Learning Point

There can be a danger of a listening/dialogue project trying to do too much – but with proper institutional commitment the model has much to offer.


British Council 

Full case study Intercultural Dialogue in Africa