Using the Playbook

The Playbook has been designed to allow both those who practice and those who study the field to find case studies of the type of work in which they are interested. This is based on categorising case studies by the particular methodological approach and the issue or theme around which the case study focuses. Readers can therefore find case studies relating to the theme with which they are concerned or see how others have attempted to use a particular methodological approach in a given context. 

Each case study also contains a learning point, these are intended to relate something form this particular example which has relevance to others using this methodological approach. 


Conducting foreign policy by gathering and analysing accurate research on foreign publics and transmitting that research in a usable form to policy makers.  Engaging foreign publics by overtly listening to their views including contrary opinion.

Conducting foreign policy by helping others to achieve their objectives.   Bringing foreign publics into new engagement.

Conducting foreign policy through reciprocal people-to-people contact. 

Conducting foreign policy by engaging  foreign publics with elements in the cultural life of the actor’s own people..

Deliberate use of broadcast media to reach and influence foreign public.

Attempting to influence the foreign public in support of a specific policy.


 4 broad themes have been identified into which various sub-themes have been placed: 

  •   Sustainability 
    • Climate
    • Energy
    • Economic development
    • Food
    • Health (health promotion expertise e.g. KAP-gap)
  •  Security 
    • Conflict reduction, reconciliation, (resolution?)
    • Peace keeping
    • Counter terror
    • Intercultural
    • Response to crisis (increase staff, decrease staff or business as usual)


Projects can be located via approach, theme, or organisation via the navigation panels on the right hand side of this page.


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